Long Term Work Group Presentation – 7/2/13


Dear Board Members:

Our Island Home Work Group is pleased to present its final report to the Board of Selectmen.  This report is the culmination of the Work Group’s analysis, benchmarking, discussion and deliberations and represents the unanimous conclusions and recommendations of it’s members.

Since the Work Groups’s final meeting, the Nantucket Cottage Hospital has advanced a proposal to locate a new hospital at Wannacomet Water Company property.  In the course of our meetings and deliberations we discussed the option of tying Our Island Home and the hospital closer together but this option never seriously advanced due to land constraints at the hospital’s current location.

Non-the-less, our care conclusions and recommended future course for Our Island Home remain.  If availability is no longer a constraint the Work Group would strongly recommend that discussions with Nantucket Cottage Hospital be enjoined.

On behalf of the entire Work Group we have appreciated the opportunity to serve the Town in this important undertaking.

Respectively submitted,

Our Island Home Work Group

click here for the 17 page report: Our Island Home Long-Term Planning Work Group Agenda 02 07 2013 

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