Meeting Agenda – 3/1/16

Welcome to this meeting that has been arranged by the Friends of Our Island Home and by family members of some of the residents at Our Island Home.

There are maps, diagrams, and documents on the walls. Take a few minutes to have a look at them. Instead of filming or taping the meeting, a questionnaire is being distributed. We hope you will take the time to fill it out and add any comments you wish. If you do not want to answer any particular question, just skip it. To preserve anonymity, do not sign your name or identify yourself. If you need a pencil, raise your hand.

Please wait until after you have heard questions, answers, and discussion before responding to the questionnaire. Then drop it in the box by the door as you depart. Responses will be tabulated and sent to SK Advisors.


Introduction by moderator Charles Walters

  • Minute of silence for OIH residents who have passed on in the last six months
  • Recognition of representatives of various organizations

Q&A on topics in the following order:

  • Current cost of operation
  • Why a new building?
  • Projected future need/number of beds
  • Model of care: small house/pods vs current “institutional” model
  • Estimated cost of construction, and how to pay for it
  • Site of new facility
  • Adjournment of meeting/collection of exit questionnaires

Fran Karttunen

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