Responses from the Fourm – questionnaires,comments and suggestions

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Thirty-nine exit questionnaires were turned in at the end of the meeting, and six responses with questions and comments from individuals had been submitted before the meeting. One letter was received from an individual unable to attend the meeting.

Nineteen of the respondents to the questionnaire were over 65; sixteen were between the ages of 51 and 65; and three were between the ages of 36 and 50. (One chose not to indicate age.) Twenty-six respondents indicated that they were familiar with OIH because a family member or loved one (including friends) are or have been residents there. Six indicated that they are health-care workers. Eight indicted “other,” and among these were one who stated “volunteer” and one elder advocate.

Twenty-nine respondents said they anticipate needing OIH for themselves or a loved one in the future. Four said they do not anticipate this need. Two indicated that they were unsure.

The questionnaire offered six potential concerns for the future of OIH, and respondents were invited to check as many as they wished. There was also the option of indicating another concern. Here are the responses:

Question 1. Concern(s) for the future of OIH

  • Location: 26
  • Model of care: 26
  • Cost to residents and their families: 22
  • Availability: 20
  • Cost to TON and taxpayers: 15
  • Physical plant: 15
  • Staffing: 10
  • Other: 5

Quality of care; communication policy; sustainability; “feel,” sense of community; transition; disruption to clients and their comfort during transition and the comfort and access to their family and friends

Question 2. Willingness to have reasonable tax increase to help pay for a new facility

  • Yes: 35
  • No: 4

Concern was expressed about the many large projects the Town of Nantucket is currently planning to undertake: new school building, new fire department building, new TON administrative offices, extension of sewers. One respondent remarked that “reasonable” is nebulous in the context of these other big projects. Tax increases are perceived as already too much. If instead of a tax increase, the TON sells the current OIH facility and the land it occupies, the proceeds should be restricted to building and maintaining a new OIH facility.

Question 3: Would respondent’s willingness to accept tax increase be:

  • Conditional on staying at the present site: 14
  • Conditional on a different site: 2
  • Unconditional: 17

“Conditional on best care option for residents”,“Not sure”

Question 4: Should the facility continue to be operated by the Town of Nantucket?

  • Yes: 32
  • Taken over by outside entity: 1

“Whatever makes more sense financially and operationally”,“Best financial model”, “Too soon to have an opinion”

Question 5: Is the small house/pod model appropriate for residents of OIH?

  • Yes: 18
  • No: 9

Comments rather than choice:

  • “Not sure:” 2
  • “Don’t know” 2
  • “Not as presently conceived”
  • “Unless the pods are connected”
  • “Think mixed use appropriate”
  • “Value of private rooms and social contact both”

Question 6: Do you anticipate needing OIH for yourself or a loved one in the future?

  • Yes: 29
  • No: 4
  • Unsure: 2

Question 7: How is respondent familiar with OIH?

  • Family member, loved one (including friend) current or former resident: 26
  • Health care worker: 6
  • Other: 8

“Other” respondents included a volunteer, and an elder advocate

Question 8: Age range of respondents

  • Over 65: 19
  • 51-65: 16
  • 36-50: 3

= 38

One respondent chose not to indicate age range.


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