Friends of Our Island Home was started as a way to gift/donate directly to programs at the facility that touch the residents.  As a municipally owned nursing home, Nantucket’s Board of Selectmen is the governing body overseeing the facility, along with the the rest of  Nantucket Town and County funded by tax dollars.  Our Island Home is just that, a home.  Although the standard of care for the residents is not compromised, municipal budgets often don’t cover the activities that mean the most to those in a residential skilled nursing program.   FoOIH as a private, non-profit entity, can raise funds and pay directly for goods and services that are first requested by department heads, residents, family members etc. and then approved by the administrator. We modeled our approach to the successful Friends of the Nantucket Public Schools – who successfully help students and teachers beyond what the school system can provide.

Where we will help:

Annual XMas Extras

Gifts for the residents of items that their caregivers know will benefit them

Mother and Father’s Day recognition

Sometimes a corsage or boutonniere does wonders.

Nantucket Wheelers

Nantucket Wheelers, founded by Darcy Creech, is a group of children, grandchildren, business owners, caregivers, and friends who teamed up to raise $35,000 in 35 days to purchase “wheelchair bikes” and helmets so that trained volunteers and family members can take Nantucket’s “4th Quartarians” for rides on the bike paths on a regular basis.  

Visit the Nantucket Wheeler’s website to learn more.

Live Music and Entertainment

Hosted on site, Friends of Our Island Home currently sponsors at least one performance per month of resident approved and appreciated entertainment.

Drum Therapy
With a grant through HopeDementia.org, we will sponsor a Drum Circle group to gauge the interest of the residents in this very beneficial activity.  Soon many of our residents can now add “Percussionist” to their long and accomplished resumes.
Grounds Beautification
The ongoing generosity of families who have enjoyed the quiet, creek side setting of Our Island Home have been keeping the grounds, and window-boxes, and the “Ottichell” dingy out front alive!  We are coordinating an effort to resurface and refurnish the patio for all to enjoy.  And to thank and support those who have kindly and beautifully maintained the grounds.



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